This book renders a narrative of my life which begins with March 1, 1957, my birth in the labor and delivery room, my adolescence blurs to an adult as a full-blown sinner, and my delivery growth and maturation as an adult Christian. Its vivid details, of miraculous, unbelievable testimonials of my highest highs and lowest lows, it frames the wonderful victorious triumphs, along with the turmoil and surmountable chaotic odds.


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Pastor Richard A. Thompson III MDiv is a man of honor and integrity. In addition, he is dependable, full of humility and faith. He has a heart and a love for people from all walks of life. Pastor Thompson walks in the favor of God with an impactful passionate message that is infectious. “BETTER LOOKS Good On You”

“You could say he is a unique individual with a gentle spirit who walks as a man “After God’s Own Heart”

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Pastor Richard A. Thompson III MDiv –  The New Day Lazarus / TNDL Ministries  schedule for the  public book
release date is July 30, 2023, however, there will be three official book signings and various pop-ups throughout the tour. 

Pastor Richard A Thompson- TNDL Book tour & signing starts at 11:30 am Sunday, July 16, 2023 location:
Life Cathedral Worship Center 1301 Webster. Street Waco, TX 76708 

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